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How to Fix a Human

How to Fix a Human is a collision of words and images by Robin Vaughan-Williams and Stéphanie Barbetta—published by Sampson Low in May 2024.

Robin Vaughan-Williams and Stéphanie Barbetta met at RuptureXIBIT's Lawless Imagination exhibition in Hampton Wick (London) in December 2023. Their artistic and personal experiences brought them together around the theme of repair. In this collaboration, Robin's words collide with Stéphanie's images, throwing up alternative and layered readings that take us on a submarine route through subjectivity and the human condition. How do you make two universes resonate? How can a text meet an image, overlap, merge or simply breathe differently within a visual composition?

Publication Details

A6, 16 pages, ISBN 978-1-915505-36-1
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About the Artists

Robin Vaughan-Williams is a poet, producer, and author of The Manager (Happenstance Press), which charts the backwaters of managerialism. He has run live literature events like Spoken Word Antics in Sheffield and Word of Mouth in Nottingham, and pioneered the play of voices in poetry improvisation. His poetry is driven by the lure of disaster and the leap into the void. How to Fix a Human is the first in a sequence of poems exploring the human as variously mechanical, commodified, split, and out of sync with itself.

Stéphanie Barbetta is an Italian-Swiss multidisciplinary artist. After a master's degree in literature and post-graduate studies in theatre, she developed a practice that combines images, writing and performance. Laureate of the PEG in 2020 for her text Exploser d'amour, she mainly write poems. Her visual researches are exhibited and published internationally ( Her first solo exhibition was held in Geneva at the Manoir de Cologny in 2023. A monograph on her project Empty Home was published in May 2024.

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