Verbiage: sound poetry collage

A selection of poems from Verbiage, a sound-poetry collage that was performed in Sheffield's Winter Gardens in October 2004. Photographs of Verbiage and information about the sound-poetry collage project can be found on the Demolition website.


Title Verbiage: sound poetry collage
Author/Editor R Vaughan-Williams (ed.)
Pamphlet: Sheffield (2004), 12pp
Price 2.50 (incl. p&p)

Verbiage contains poems by Jonathan Woolley, Linda Lee Welch, Robin Vaughan-Williams, Margaret Kelly, Philip Howarth, Adele Geraghty, Eleanor Rees, Cliff Forshaw, Rashida Islam, and Joan Board.

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ReVerberate: Live Literature Comp 001 (CD)

Edited by Zoe Lambert and Dave Maass

ReVerberate is a collection of recordings made at the Manchester live lit. night Verberate. It includes performances from a number of poets based around Manchester, Liverpool, and Sheffield.

The CD costs 3 (+p&p). Email for details.

front cover of ReVerberate CD


Elly Rees 1. Night River (1:33) / 2. Extract from 'A Nocturnal Opera' (3:52)
Chanje Kunda 3. Empty Rooms (2:30) / 4.Fat Sparkin(2:18)
Gary Parkinson 5. Extract from Land Of Cakes, a novel (5:12)
Kate Gilbert 6. My Sweetheart (5:33)
Robin Vaughan-Williams 7. Mantra (1:25) / 8. Photobooth (0:57) / 9. Health and Safety Incident (1:34) / 10. Untitled (1:28)
Corinne Salisbury 11 .Twenty-One (1:19) / 12. January After the Break (1:51)
Tony Curry 13. I'm Sick Of It (1:02) / 14. The Return of the Noble Savage (3:20) / 15.The Gorilla Was on Ecstacy (2:33)
Zawe Ashton 16. Kaleidoscope (2:24) / 17. Dreams Are For Those Who Sleep (2:23) / 18. It's Now (1:34)
John Hall 19. And Still I Cannot Wake From Their War (4:21) / 20.The ETC Poem (2:14)
Bonus Track: 21. Julian Daniel, Prince of Comedic Poetry (11:59)