sound/poetry collage

On 22 October 2005 17 poets and 4 musicians came together with the Industry St sound system for a one-off performance of demolition, a sound-poetry collage, in Sheffield Cathedral.


March 2006: ella luk have released a 4-track EP on CD, rajaq ep (Subtrace Records), and will be recording a new album in the summer. To order the EP (5 incl. p&p) or hear about the album when it is released contact zeroquality (click on 'contact' above) or visit Subtrace Records.

On this website you can read what we said about demolition beforehand and see photos of the actual performance. / Our thanks are due to the following organisations: Simunye, Signposts, Sheffield Cathedral, Off the Shelf, Arts Council England, and Access Space.

Pre-performance promo blurb (September 2005):

At the moment Sheffield appears to be somewhere between Legoland and a giant construction site. The city is changing, and people experience and view these changes in different ways. Demolition is a performance of words and music that seeks to construct some kind of composite perspective on the changing urban environment, refracted through the voices of its participants. Over the summer around twenty poets have submitted poems connected with 'demolition and the city', or taken part in a series of writing workshops. Their poems will be interwoven with each other and with music from Ella Luk, a Berlin-Sheffield music project, in a live collage of sound and poetry. The performance will be dynamic, with poets and musicians speaking and playing from different positions around the building. Demolition follows on from Verbiage, which took place in the Winter Gardens during October 2004. Both projects explore new ways of performing poetry, combining it with music, and bringing it to a wider audience.

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