sound/poetry collage

Verbiage, the Winter Gardens, October 2004

Verbiage photos

The Verbiage pamphlet, available from the zqShop.

Back cover of Verbiage pamphlet

Verbiage Poets

Barbara Adamson, Tom Barma, Roy Blackman, Joan Board, Eddie Bourke Fox, Doreen Bottomley, Liz Cashdan, Brian D'Arcy, Cliff Forshaw, Adele Geraghty, Sally Goldsmith, Janet Green, Philip Howarth, Rashida Islam, Margaret Kelly, Jerome Kiel, Chris Knight, Ann Lloyd, Oliver Mantell, Steve Page, Gail Poole, Eleanor Rees, Gareth Rose, Corinne Salisbury, Robin Vaughan-Williams, Linda Lee Welch, and Jonathon Woolley.