sound/poetry collage

spectre at the feast
...urban dereliction: images of the Claywood estate before demolition, plus links to a very large photo archive by Mozaz
sheffield archive (photographs)
...striking images of and around Kelvin, Hyde Park, and Park Hill by one of our contributors
cooling the towers expo imagining the potential of the Meadowhall cooling towers, courtesy of Go sheffield
...Liverpool high-rise tenants' online TV channel. For images of high-rise demolition view the 'short film welcoming you to tenantspin', or listen to the radio play Superblock
Peter Gillies
...collages of paint, materials, and text that will be appearing in Sheffield Cathedral during Off the Shelf in October
...Sheffield Writing Development Project, hosted demolition workshop II
...Sharrow-based inter-cultural project, hosted demolition workshop I
arts at Sheffield Cathedral
...venue for demolition on 22 October 2005, and host for demolition workshop III
Off the Shelf
...Sheffield's annual festival of writing and reading (15-29 Oct 2005)
Access Space media lab, recycled technology, and lots of opinions, without Access Space this site would be nought