zq / watiszq? / demolition

zeroquality is when you save a graphics file on the gimp with the quality slider on zero keeping the filesize at a minimum for easy & quick download in case people don't have broadband at home and it kind of blots the screen grainy highspeed something else oozing through here's one I made earlier

zeroquality is when you need glasses but don't know it waiting beneath the concourse dusk falls on concrete and faces blur warm and fuzzy like a blocked nose busses pass while you're waiting but you don't see the number hours go by stick your thumb out stop them all and get up read the specials board waitresses ask if everything's ok and you say yes I'm just reading the menu I'm hungry and I want some dinner but you stare at words outlines possibly under a haze beyond the wall focus further afield sun yields high contrast visibility but stare hard and words melt bubble warp plastic A4 lined paper anything works trickles down the wall detaches itself and though it feels like a vision mumbling the words they come out right the song the lyrics and you have seen beyond the barriers